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Why migrate to Australia?

To many people, Australia is the "lucky country".

Australia is a relatively young country - special, unique, beautiful & is often viewed as the land of opportunity for people of all races.

With a population of just around 2 crores and a disproportionately large land mass, Australia is keen to allow genuinely good & talented people from all over the world to live and contribute towards making this successful nation even better.

In addition to a highly competitive workforce, the country is rich in mineral resources and is world class in areas such as agriculture, tourism, trade, manufacturing, computing and technological research.

Australia has much to offer to intended migrants. Things that come to mind include:

Excellent weather

Fresh air & clear skies

Balanced lifestyle

Friendly people

Clean & safe environment

Great place to raise a family

Excellent schools & universities

Technological & sporting achievements

Peaceful multicultural society

Political stability

Outdoor lifestyle & sports

Lovely beaches

Wide open spaces

Excellent wages / remuneration

Permanent Residency Visas

Permanent Residency visas apply to people who wish to live in Australia on a permanent basis. Permanent Residency visas are available to people who

Are able to contribute their skills and experience which are in demand in Australia, or

Willing to start a business in Australia which would benefit Australian economy, or

Have relationship or family ties with an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident (PR)

Different categories of Immigration:

Skilled Immigration Australia:

If you are planning to migrate and you are currently not studying in Australia,
you could apply under one of the following 6 categories: